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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is LazyBucks?

LazyBucks is a technology  that connects professional marketers with Facebook users worldwide, allowing them to test different ads with different markets. Giving users the option to make money by renting their fb account.

What do I get when using LazyBucks?

Once your account is approved, We give you real cash rewards for every day you are being connected to our extension.

How much money can I make with LazyBucks?

There’s no limit to how much you can earn. You will get a weekly payments according to your country from the date of your approval. You can make more money by referring friends by sharing the personal referral link, which can be found on the LazyBucks’ profile. Some of our users are earning thousands just by inviting their friends!


How does it work?

Once you have LazyBucks extension installed in your desktop browser, it works in the background. You'll see it in your browser toolbar that you can click on to see your balance at any time. Make sure to keep the extension installed and to stay sign in to your FB account.

How is this possible?

Online marketers are constantly looking for creative ways to test their ads globally. By connecting them with users world wide, they can easily test their campaigns to get better results.

What's the catch?  There isn't a catch, Marketers Pay us, We pay you. Simple as that.

Is LazyBucks safe?

We take your security and privacy very seriously. We encrypt all communications so that no-one can listen in. We encrypt your password on our servers so that it cannot be read by anyone it shouldn't be. We don't share your data with anyone else without your permission. By using Payonner to cash out your rewards we don't hold any of your financial information. This is covered in more details in our Privacy Policy . If you have specific questions let us know at support@lazybucks.co

Will I see any changes in my FB account?

Your personal data will not be touched what so ever,
Once you onboard on LazyBucks, we open fan pages and then connect you to a marketer. Our marketers will only have access to the business side of your FB accounts and will only use it for ads.
Once the marketer starts advertising, you start getting paid.

What are the requirements to use LazyBucks

In order for your Facebook account to be eligible:
1. It should be created at least 2 years ago
2. It should have more than 100 friends
3. You should be older than 18 years old
4. It shouldn’t have a used Ad Account or Business Manager (past promotions)
5. Have a real photo of you on the profile

Why is my Facebook account logged out?

Occasionally, once the extension is downloaded, in order to sync your FB account with our system, Facebook will log you out. If that happens, simply log in again to use LazyBucks.

Will any of my FB friends know I’m using LazyBucks?

None of your Facebook friends will know that you're using our extension. Like mentioned earlier, this won't in any way affect your personal Facebook account.

What will you do with the information I give you?

LazyBucks does not share users data with third parties, without users permission. When you join users, you agree to our information use and data protection policy as explained in our terms and conditions.

As in everything we do, we're honest and transparent about how we use your info – for more information take a look at our Privacy Policy.

If you leave LazyBuck, we'll remove as much information as we can about your account other than data we are required to hold under statute.

What operating systems and browsers does LazyBucks work with?

LazyBucks is used only on Google Chrome web-browser, which should be accessed only on a Laptop or Desktop. It can’t be used on smartphones

Can I use LazyBucks on my mobile, tablet or iPad?

At the moment LazyBucks is only compatible with desktops.

How long does it take for my account to be approved?

Review time can take up to 1 month. In case it's been over a month and you did not receive a response yet – please check and make sure that you have filled all the required details. 

How quickly does LazyBucks pay out?

You will be eligible for your first payment , 7 days after your account is reviewed and approved.

What tasks do i need to do?

While we connect our users to marketers, Every user who is accepted on LazyBucks shouldn’t modify/ delete the pages/ advertisements that our marketers created on their Facebook profile.
Meanwhile, everyone can use their Facebook account normally

How do referrals work?

Each user has its personal referral link on their LazyBucks profile, which they can share with their friends via any social media. After the referrals sign up and get approved by our Support Team, each user who referred them will automatically get approved payment 1 'week for the referrals approval date.

Which payment method can I use to withdraw the payments?

You will be required to provide a Payoneer email, in order for you to withdraw the earnings quickly. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 10 USD.